The Board of Directors is made up of women leaders from all sectors of the roofing industry who govern the association are committed to the advancement of the organization.

The Executive Committee is the officers of the association who together with the association management, run the day to day operations of the Association. The slate of the Board of Directors is approved by the members at NWIR Day, which is generally in February of each year.

Meet the 2019 National Women in Roofing Board of Directors.

Association Management

NWIR is professionally managed by an association management firm, Meridian Consulting, LLC with Ellen Thorp serving as the Executive Director of the organization.  As a volunteer-based association, many of the staff duties are performed by the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and committee members.  NWIR also has a variety of consultants and contractors to assist in implementing the vision of the board, including Elizabeth Miller as the Member Services Coordinator as well as a book-keeper, accountant, general counsel, communications graphic designer, website designer, and occasional others as needed. Every effort is always made to fill association needs by member volunteers before looking outside the association.

NWIR headquarters are housed in the Meridian Consulting, LLC office in the Denver, Colorado metro area. Association staff may be contacted using the Contact Us page on this website – inquiries are monitored daily.

Pictures from 2017, 2018 and 2019